Technology solutions for agile digital business transformations

We offer companies and organizations the best people, practices and techonolgy expertise to manage digitization

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Innovative Technology Solutions for Complex Business Challenges

In a digital landscape where change is constant, we help organizations with
technology-driven digital transformation solutions.

Your Success is our focus

We help you implement technology solutions, outline plans for growth & scale, determine a product roadmap and plan your technology investments.

Our Team is our strength

Competence, Reliability, Honesty, Integrity - is what you would see in our team. We have certified niche expertise in business impacting technologies.

We value client relationship

Success of any organization depends on how happy its customers are. We believe in building a loyal relationship with our clients and follow a consultative approach.

Who We Are

Your technology partners for your business innovation and product development cycles

We provide the right experience and expertise needed for digital transformation and innovation cycles at progressive enterprises.

Skilled Software & technology talents

We have the best skilled talent pool in the increasingly interdisciplinary technology areas of convergence across verticals.

Delivery Track Record

With decades of experience, our trust with our clients is built on our outstanding service delivery track record.

Scalable Technology Solutions

Having delivered complex software products and platforms, we have experience in delivering robustly architected and scalable solutions.

Certified Niche Expertise

Our certified talent pool can offer varied expertise for your niche technology and business requirements.

Consultative Approach

Our consultative approach focuses on delivering delightful customer experiences by understanding business innovation cycles.

Managed Technology Services

Our managed technology services solve complex organizations challenges of skilling, reskilling and project scalability by becoming your IT and technology department.

We Offer Solutions

Your Partners for solving industries’ complex business challenges with innovative solutions

At Raytex, we are constantly learning organization providing an integrated range of solutions needed by organizations to stay relevant and competitive in the digital era.

Motor Carriers & Truckers

We provide specialized solutions for digitization, revenue management and business analytics challenges of the modern trucking industry.

Ports & Terminal Operators

Our solutions for voyage management helps improve efficiency, brings compliance and transparency to port operations.

Education Infrastructure Management

With the help of EIMS, it is now possible to undertake educational planning, organizational structuring, data collection and analysis, and information sharing.

Chassis Management

Our chassis management solutions improve productivity, provides machine analytics and lowers the costs of chassis operations.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Our reliable remote infrastructure management solutions improve enterprise productivity and provides scalable IT infrastructure with lower overhead costs.


DevOps covers the entire application lifecycle that can be used for any application from digital customer-facing systems to large-scale enterprise products.


Our Partners

We believe interdependence and collaboration are critical to providing customers access to the most innovative and reliable products and solutions available in the market. Together, with our Product Partners, we develop, market and service pioneering, real-time production solutions that accelerate time-to-market, improve Return on Investment and enhance the customer experience. The concept is simple – working with our Product Partners means more innovation, more choice, more quality and more satisfied customers. we are able to offer customers the breadth of application and solution choices tailored to a customer’s needs and delivered in collaboration with a global network of Delivery and Solutions Partners.